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    Military Divorces Lawyer in Texas: Richard T. Sutherland can Help Military Spouses with Divorces Where One or Both Spouses Serve in the United States Military

    Service members in the military include the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. In Wichita Falls, Texas there may be military husbands or wives living here in Texas while their spouse is deployed. Additionally, local residents in Wichita County may have a spouse serving military duty at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas. People consulting with a military divorce lawyer in Texas such as Richard T. Sutherland should understand that it is important to hire an attorney with experience in Texas military family law.

    Serving your country does not mean you need to sacrifice anything with your child. A designated person can be appointed to have visitation, otherwise referred to as possession and access with the child while you are away on temporary or longer military deployment. has a great article about How Deployment Stress Affects Families, a recommended read.

    Sheppard Air Force Base Families May Need a Military Divorce Lawyer in Texas

    If a husband or wife housed at Shephard Air Force Base at Wind Creek Village, Heritage Heights, or Freedom Estates needs a family lawyer for issues involving marriage, divorce, property issues, child custody or support issues, they should contact an experienced Texas divorce lawyer in Wichita County, who is accustomed to working with families subject to the parts of the Texas Family Code that specifically address United States military service members.

    Military divorces in Texas are alleged on the same ground as divorces for civilians. Texas is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that you do not need to allege a fault ground to get divorced. The no-fault ground is called in supportability. For more information about the basics, please see our article, Divorce in Texas: What You Should Know. also published an article discussing how Months of Deployment Cause Increased Risk of Military Divorce.

    How Military Deployment Affects Child Custody in Texas

    Military service members frequently have child custody and visitation questions unique to their family member’s military service. In Texas, custody and visitation are properly called conservatorship and possession and access. Some of the questions are about visitation when the parties are divorced and one of the parents’ ability to see the child is affected by military deployment, mobilization or temporary military duty.

    Click the link and listen to Richard T. Sutherland explain Military Deployment and Custody in Texas in this podcast. Mr. Sutherland understands how military deployment, mobilization or temporary duty can affect families.

    How Military Status May Affect Property Division in a Texas Divorce

    If you are deployed in military service and are located far from your family and are getting a divorce, there are challenges in the logistics of property division. In a divorce where everyone is local and available to communicate and interact during the divorce process, property division can be challenging enough. When you or your spouse is far away and deployed a short or longer-term period of deployment it can be difficult to communicate. Something as simple as work with appraisers for home and property can be delayed and difficult when one or both spouses is unavailable.

    Additional issues in property division include property, land, real estate, vehicles, boats and so on, located in different states. To learn more about complex property issues, listen to our podcast, Community and Separate Property in Texas.

    Richard T. Sutherland is a Divorce Lawyer for Military Spouses

    When one or both of you is located in Texas and the other is a permanent resident of another state, questions about property division can be complicated. In Wichita County and surrounding Northwest Texas, people call Richard T. Sutherland for divorces involving property division and military service members. Also experienced in commercial litigation, complex family business structures, and incidentals making property division a challenge, Richard T. Sutherland can help you.

    Richard T. Sutherland is located in Wichita Falls, Texas, (licensed in Texas, not Oklahoma) and he represents people and families in Wichita County, Archer County, Baylor County, Clay County, Foard County, Hardeman County, Jack County, Montague County, Wise County, Young County and Wilbarger Counties in North Texas and has accepted cases in other areas West, North-Central and in South Texas. Contact a military divorce lawyer in Texas: Richard T. Sutherland by dialing (940) 691-2100.

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