Wichita Falls Post Marital Family Law

Post-Divorce Property Issues:

A Texas Court cannot effect a substantive change of a property award contained in a previously rendered divorce decree, but it may clarify the order to make it enforcement by contempt, order the delivery of property awarded to a spouse but not received by the spouse or render a money judgment. It may also address property which was not divided in the divorce proceeding and it may correct errors in previously rendered orders affecting the division of retirement.

Post Marital Child Issues:

Post-marital child issues may involve the modification of prior orders with respect to the rights, duties, and responsibilities of conservators, including the right to establish the primary residence of the child (i.e. custody); modification of access and possession to the child; and, modification of child support. Additionally, post-marital child issues may include enforcement of existing orders regarding custody, visitation, and possession as well as child support. The change of a minor child’s name is yet another form of post marital child issues which may arise.