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At the office of Richard Sutherland, Attorney at Law, I protect the rights of individuals in Texas. I know that every legal situation is different and I will take the time to learn the specific facts and circumstances of your case as well as your goals in order that I can tailor my representation accordingly. I work hard to earn your trust, offering an environment where you can discuss the important issues and know that you are going to be heard and I am going to represent you to the best of my ability. To set up an appointment, contact my office online or call today. Most of my practice is related to matters pertaining to family law and the services listed below are some, but not all of my areas of experience.

Family Law

The practice of family law in Texas involves a multitude of different issues and my practice is mostly related to matters pertaining to family law… we are experts and here to help.

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As an AV rated Texas family law attorney, I represent men and women throughout the divorce process, from the initial filing through final judgment and requests for modification or enforcement of final orders.

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Child Custody

I will help you establish and implement custody and assess agreements that are in the best interests of everyone involved, with the focus on the needs of your children.

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Child Support

I review all proposed child support orders for compliance with state guidelines and to verify that all relevant income has been factored into the equation.

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As circumstances change in the lives of ex-spouses, modifications of child custody, visition, child support or spousal support are often needed. This may happen if jobs are lost, jobs change or opportunities exist in other states.

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Interstate Family Law

Family law cases involving parents living in different states are becoming more and more common and I have the expertise to assist you in yoru interstate custody dispute.

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Pre Marital

A set of rules created by an engaged couple to govern their financial lives during their marriage and to determine what will happen in terms of property division and spousal support if they should divorce.

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Post Marital

Sometimes there is not enough time before the wedding to create a premarital agreement, so a couple may wait until after they’ve married to work on an agreement.

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