Premarital Agreements in Texas

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    This is The Wichita Falls Family Law Podcast, with Attorney Richard Sutherland. We talk about Texas divorce and family law. This month’s topic is premarital agreements in a Texas divorce.

    Premarital Agreements in Texas: A Wichita Falls Family Law Podcast

    • What is premarital agreement?
    • What are some reasons for wanting a premarital agreement?
    • What can a person accomplish with a premarital agreement?
    • Is there a simple form that a party can use to have a premarital agreement?
    • What is required to have a valid premarital agreement?
    • We will describe some situations and issues involving premarital agreements.

    So long as the terms do not violate Texas law, there are seemingly endless opportunities to determine who gets what at the end of a marriage when making a valid and enforceable premarital agreement in Texas.

    Too often people make the mistake of assuming a premarital agreement is only for the wealthy. In fact, there are many from all incomes and backgrounds who appreciate the sense of knowing what outcome they may expect in the event the premarital agreement is enforced in connection with the termination of marriage.

    People getting married who have or expect to receive inheritances or trust income may be under direction of their immediate family members to preserve money or property in a certain way and under certain conditions. Those on their second or later marriage may use a premarital agreement to protect the children of previous marriages in the event of divorce or termination of the marriage.

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