Child Support Calculations in Texas

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    This is The Wichita Falls Family Law Podcast, with Attorney Richard Sutherland. We talk about Texas divorce and family law.

    Child Support Calculations in Texas:

    Who has a legal duty to support a child in Texas?

    • Either or both parents have a duty to pay child support in lump sum, periodic payments or an annuity purchase;
    • Grandparents cannot be ordered to pay child support;
    • Parties may agree on amount and duration of child support if they wish.

    How is child support calculated in Texas?

    • The court determines the Net Resource Income of the paying party;
    • Generally, child support lasts until child turns 18 or graduates from high school;
    • Exception of time for support if child is physically or mentally disabled.

    Paternity cases and retroactive child support

    • The role of the Attorney General representing the State of Texas in establishment, enforcement and collection of child support;
    • Attorney General calculations and applications of child support;
    • Modification of child support before the service of citation or appearance in a suit to modify the amount of child support.

    The process of withholding child support

    • Wage withholding orders are required by Texas law;
    • Exceptions for persons who are self-employed or have no employer;
    • Child Support is paid to the Child Support Disbursement Unit in San Antonio;
    • Direct payments are not a good idea;
    • Income tax implications of child support.

    For additional general information, please visit our blog to read about Child Support in Texas.

    Every child support matter is unique and the rules that apply to child support calculation depends on your child support obligor’s employment and financial standing. For example, there are unique rules that apply to members of the armed services.

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