Wishing Everyone a Happy Father’s Day Weekend

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    Celebrate Dads on Father’s Day Weekend

    There is more to being a dad in a child’s life than being their father. The important role of dad includes being there for the emotional development of their children and being caretakers and disciplinarians. Boys and girls look up to their fathers as the bearers of wisdom and strength. To children, dads know just about anything in the world. The respect children have for their dads is something that comes with great responsibilities for fathers not to disappoint.

    Fathers influence our own relationships. How you interacted with your father as a child has bearing on your relationships with others. For example, loving and supportive fathers produce loving and supportive children who grow up to influence their own sons and daughters.

    Texas courts and the Texas Family Code recognize the fundamental importance of fathers in the development of children. It is in the best interest of children to have the best relationships with their fathers. Divorce and child custody cases can make Father’s Day challenging for families, especially when changes in the family structure are recent.

    Richard T. Sutherland, litigating countless divorce and child custody cases in his career, knows how much fathers love their children and on behalf of family law attorney Richard T. Sutherland, we wish you all a Happy Father’s Day Weekend.

    History of Father’s Day

    1972 was the year President Richard Nixon signed the law designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Celebrations honoring fathers originated many generations earlier in the 20th century to complement Mother’s Day. Early Father’s Day celebrations include a church service in West Virginia in 1908 and a claimed founding of Father’s Day in 1910 in Washington.

    The History Channel offers an article on the History of Father’s Day.

    Watch this video: Military kids honor their dads deployed on Father’s Day.

    Celebrating Father’s Day After Divorce

    Father’s Day after divorce can be rough on families. Children used to celebrating Father’s Day together with both parents have to adapt to time split between them. Most child custody and visitation orders give fathers the right to possession of their children over Father’s Day weekend.

    What do dads and kids love doing together? Whatever that may be, Father’s Day weekend is a great time to take those special trips and enjoy time with dad going to or watching a game together. Traditional Father’s Day activities never seem to get old and as kids grow up they can look back at pictures and the great memories of fun times with dad.

    Meanwhile, military fathers may be serving periods of deployment all around the world. Not being able to see your children on Father’s Day is tough on dads and their kids, especially when dad is on deployment. Hopefully, dad has an opportunity to talk to or video chat with his children if he cannot be there in person. When dad is serving in the military, he may have appointed a designated person, often another family member who will spend quality time with the children in his place. Even if dad cannot be there, his family are important to the children. After divorce, kids can get used to different plans and schedules, and the important thing is they feel love, safety, and security in their family.

    You may appreciate this Richard T. Sutherland podcast about Military Deployment and Custody in Texas.

    Best Gifts for Father’s Day and Making Memories

    Moms may be involved in helping young children find the best gifts for Father’s Day. Even if mom and dad are no longer married and living together, mom may still have a few pointers about what dad may want for Father’s Day. Who doesn’t need a new coffee cup for work or a new tie to wear?

    Outdoor activities on Father’s Day weekend are great memory-making. A trip to the driving range to hit a few golf balls can be fun, even if the kids have never held a golf club before. Anytime is a good time to learn a new activity.

    Father’s Day Weekend is a good time for sons and daughters to catch dad up with everything they have been doing in school and with friends, in case dad missed anything. Asking children about their lives shows them how much you care and are equally as important.

    Father’s Day Weekend Getaways

    The weather on the third weekend in June is usually favorable on Father’s Day. If you are a father with possession on Father’s Day Weekend, you may be taking the kids on a weekend getaway. Keeping any travel restrictions in your custody agreement in mind, there are all kinds of places to go with the kids to make some memories. The Texas Parks & Wildlife website is full of information about activities and programs kids and dads can enjoy.

    Whether it be for Father’s Day this year or planning a future trip, consider Father’s Day travel ideas in this Travel Channel gallery.

    Wishing Everyone a Happy Father’s Day Weekend from the Law Office of Richard T. Sutherland

    To all fathers, we hope that you can spend a great Father’s Day Weekend with your children. We hope all children value their fathers and the opportunity to learn from dad. Richard T. Sutherland is a divorce and family law attorney who can help Texas fathers and advise them of their rights as fathers to custody, visitation, and raising their children.

    Richard T. Sutherland is located in Wichita Falls, Texas, (licensed in Texas, not Oklahoma) and he represents people and families in Wichita County, Archer County, Baylor County, Clay County, Foard County, Hardeman County, Jack County, Montague County, Wise County, Young County and Wilbarger Counties in North Texas and has accepted cases in other areas West, North-Central and in South Texas. Have a great Father’s Day Weekend and if you need, contact a father’s rights lawyer in Texas: Richard T. Sutherland by dialing (940) 691-2100.

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