Divorce Filings in the Summer: How to Prepare

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    Problems in the Marriage and Spending More Time Together Can Lead to Divorce Filings in the Summer

    When a marriage is strained by problems, being busy is the best way many people avoid dealing with their problems. When the summer months arrive and the children are out of school, many families prepare for busy summer schedules of short trips, vacations, weddings, and family reunions. Spending hours of time together in the car or out of town means couples have more time to talk, and more time for things to go wrong. Add the element of family and friends who may be on different sides of things and problems in the marriage can lead to one or both spouses wanting a divorce.

    Divorce Filings in the Summer Because Children Are Out of School

    Starting a divorce during the summer can be easier for families because the children are out of school. When kids are off for the summer, their school year is not disrupted by the divorce. Some parents chose the summer to start their divorce because it is easier to take time from work if necessary. The beginning stages of divorce and the discovery process can be more time consuming and easier to tackle over the summer.

    How to Find a Lawyer for Divorce Filings in the Summer Months

    A divorce is a major life event. When there are children involved it is important to get things done right. It is important to find an experienced divorce lawyer. The Texas Family Code is a challenging body of law and most general practice attorneys refer their clients to an attorney with specific expertise with Texas divorce and child custody issues.

    Before you meet with the lawyer for a divorce consultation, prepare a list of questions. You should be comfortable telling the lawyer all your questions and understanding their answers. A retainer fee is charged that includes the filing fees charged by the county in which you reside. The lawyer tracks their time and applies it against the retainer amount that may need to be replenished.

    Attorney, Richard T. Sutherland in Wichita Falls, Texas offers helpful tips for finding and hiring a lawyer in this podcast, Help! I Need a Lawyer.

    Having a Temporary Custody Orders Hearing Before Children Go Back to School

    A temporary court order hearing for child custody is a common preliminary hearing in a divorce case, used to determine who is going to live where and who will pay for what during the divorce. Because the agreements of the parties and decisions by the Court that are included in Temporary Orders, often carry into the final trial and divorce decree. A new divorce filed in June and July could be in Court for a Temporary Orders hearing in August, ideally before school starts again in the fall.

    Courts may limit the time allowed to conduct at temporary orders hearing for child custody. For example, Wichita County Court rules place a two-hour limit on these hearings. It is important to work with your divorce lawyer to work on settling any issues so that hearing time can be reserved to resolve conflict.

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    Spending Time on Divorce Planning When Children are Away at Camp

    Your divorce lawyer needs to determine what money and property are included in the community marital estate. You may be asked to produce financial documents and statements that may take some time to organize. During the summertime, if the children are away at camp or spending time with other family members it can be easier to plan for divorce and get things together for the lawyer.

    Learning About Co-Parenting and Sharing Custody and Visitation Time

    At the beginning of your divorce, it can be awkward seeing your spouse as a soon-to-be ex, especially around the children. Your lawyer will tell you what to expect regarding temporary child custody and visitation. Keeping conflict away from children is important. The court where you file your divorce may use standing orders prohibiting certain conduct like talking bad about the other parent in front of children.

    If you are preparing for a divorce filing in the summer, keep it off social media. The last thing anyone needs is the opposing counsel making anything out of social media posts. The more people stay under the radar, the more they can avoid unnecessary complications.

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