Divorce Filings in the Summer: How to Prepare

Problems in the Marriage and Spending More Time Together Can Lead to Divorce Filings in the Summer

When a marriage is strained by problems, being busy is the best way many people avoid dealing with their problems. When the summer months arrive and the children are out of school, many families prepare for busy summer schedules of short trips, vacations, weddings, and family reunions. Spending hours of time together in the car or out of town means couples have more time to talk, and more time for things to go wrong. Add the element of family and friends who may be on different sides of things and problems in the marriage can lead to one or both spouses wanting a divorce.

Divorce Filings in the Summer Because Children Are Out of School

Starting a divorce during the summer can be easier for families because the children are out of school. When kids are off for the summer, their school year is not disrupted by the divorce. Some parents chose the summer to start their divorce because it is easier to take time from work if necessary. The beginning stages of divorce and the discovery process can be more time consuming and easier to tackle over the summer.

Spending Time on Divorce Planning During Summer When Children are Away at Camp
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How to Find a Lawyer for Divorce Filings in the Summer Months

A divorce is a major life event. When there are children involved it is important to get things done right. It is important to find an experienced divorce lawyer. The Texas Family Code is a challenging body of law and most general practice attorneys refer their clients to an attorney with specific expertise with Texas divorce and child custody issues.

Before you meet with the lawyer for a divorce consultation, prepare a list of questions. You should be comfortable telling the lawyer all your questions and understanding their answers. A retainer fee is charged that includes the filing fees charged by the county in which you reside. The lawyer tracks their time and applies it against the retainer amount that may need to be replenished.

Attorney, Richard T. Sutherland in Wichita Falls, Texas offers helpful tips for finding and hiring a lawyer in this podcast, Help! I Need a Lawyer.

Having a Temporary Custody Orders Hearing Before Children Go Back to School

A temporary court order hearing for child custody is a common preliminary hearing in a divorce case, used to determine who is going to live where and who will pay for what during the divorce. Because the agreements of the parties and decisions by the Court that are included in Temporary Orders, often carry into the final trial and divorce decree. A new divorce filed in June and July could be in Court for a Temporary Orders hearing in August, ideally before school starts again in the fall.

Courts may limit the time allowed to conduct at temporary orders hearing for child custody. For example, Wichita County Court rules place a two-hour limit on these hearings. It is important to work with your divorce lawyer to work on settling any issues so that hearing time can be reserved to resolve conflict.

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Spending Time on Divorce Planning When Children are Away at Camp

Your divorce lawyer needs to determine what money and property are included in the community marital estate. You may be asked to produce financial documents and statements that may take some time to organize. During the summertime, if the children are away at camp or spending time with other family members it can be easier to plan for divorce and get things together for the lawyer.

Learning About Co-Parenting and Sharing Custody and Visitation Time

At the beginning of your divorce, it can be awkward seeing your spouse as a soon-to-be ex, especially around the children. Your lawyer will tell you what to expect regarding temporary child custody and visitation. Keeping conflict away from children is important. The court where you file your divorce may use standing orders prohibiting certain conduct like talking bad about the other parent in front of children.

If you are preparing for a divorce filing in the summer, keep it off social media. The last thing anyone needs is the opposing counsel making anything out of social media posts. The more people stay under the radar, the more they can avoid unnecessary complications.

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Handling an Angry Ex During a Divorce

Why We Anticipate an Angry Ex During a Divorce

Divorce and child custody cases are very emotional. In even the most amicable divorces, people are upset and might be feeling regret, fear, hurt, and anger. As some people refer to their soon to be former spouse as their “ex” before the divorce is final, we certainly understand that the other party in the divorce has turned from lover to likely enemy. Is there a good way to prepare for divorce without becoming overcome with emotion and turning into the angry ex during a divorce?

Even when divorce starts out somewhat agreeably, things happen and people’s attitudes can change quickly. For example, assume that the husband and wife agree to split the money and properly fairly until someone finds out that their spouse had been lying for years about how much or little money there really was. Now someone is mad and no longer agreeable.

People all need their own time and place to work through the stress of major life events like a divorce or child custody case. Even if the other person eventually becomes a good co-parent and someone with whom you can have a positive relationship, there are best ways to handle an angry ex.

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Angry Ex During a Divorce
Nobody Prefers an Angry Ex During a Divorce

Empathizing with an Angry Soon to be Ex-Spouse

How would you feel if the shoe were on the other foot? Maybe your husband or wife cheated on you. You cannot imagine cheating on them, but you can imagine how guilty they must feel. Even if they don’t show their emotions, you know your spouse as well as anyone. If you and your husband or wife are in the middle of a divorce, there may be twists and turns with everyone’s emotions and likely you both want to get through the divorce in one piece.

Especially when there are children involved, remember that an angry ex is someone with shared custody and visitation with your children. Remember empathy, your ability to understand another and their feelings. By focusing on empathy for your ex, you may be able to de-escalate anger.

Communicating with an Angry Ex During a Divorce

You know what pushes one another’s buttons. Don’t do it during a divorce or child custody case. How you chose to communicate can set the tone for how you and your soon to be ex can communicate after the divorce. When your kids are involved, you should want to be able to communicate effectively.

Do not bring up the bad things that happened to you both during your marriage that led up to the divorce. Avoid talking about the new boyfriend or girlfriend you don’t like, it is not going to help anything. Effective communication with an angry ex can be done in writing and limited to what is necessary, such as visitation exchanges and reimbursement for medical expenses, for example.

Our Family Wizard software was specifically designed for co-parents who may not be communicating well one on one. Using this great program you can save information, send messages and much more.

Boundaries Define Your New Relationship with an Angry Ex

Your ex cannot tell you what to do anymore. Set clear boundaries they cannot cross. Let them know, politely if possible, when something is no longer their business, such as your love life. Unless you have a court order to exchange information, you are no longer obligated to share information with someone who is no longer your husband or wife.

Narcissist-types may be good at getting under your skin by commenting on and inserting their opinions on you and everything you do. The smart ones do it by telling things or suggesting them to the children, with the hope they will tell you what they said. Avoid these traps and if necessary, remind your angry ex that there are boundaries they may not cross.

Keep Kids Out of It: Not Acknowledging an Angry Ex During a Divorce

In many divorces with child custody issues, the court orders mothers and fathers to not talk disparagingly about the other in front of the kids. A divorce is stressful on children too and it is important to remind them that both parents love them and they are safe.

Even though you might be playing it cool, your angry ex might act poorly towards you, especially in front of the children. By not taking the bait and responding to taunting, you are showing your children restraint and maturity. Remember empathy and imagine that your angry ex is going to regret their behavior when things get closer to normal.

In-Laws and Angry Exes in Divorces

Not only are you getting a divorce from your soon to be ex, but also their family. All those in-laws you may love or not, are no longer related to you by operation of marriage. However, it is becoming more common to maintain relationships with people you have grown to know, like and trust. It is good for your kids to keep positive relationships with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

But, during the divorce, people may be sensitive and it can be a good idea to keep some safe distance. Especially if you are dealing with an angry ex, there may be negative talk going around the extended family about you and what happened to the marriage. Again, empathy, communication, and boundaries are good things to think about during a divorce or custody case. And if you once had good relationships with in-laws, you certainly may keep them in your life if and when appropriate.

Social Media Pitfalls and Angry Exes

People handle the end of relationships in different ways. A soon to be ex-husband or wife might take to social media to show the world how good they are looking, or they post to appear to hurt and need attention. First and foremost, follow your divorce lawyer’s advice on how to with social media during divorce. Second, be aware that people will be watching you during a divorce.

While people may be legitimately curious about what you are going through and how you are doing, keeping the divorce out of other people’s day is a good idea. Not posting about the divorce on social media is appropriate. Letting people know privately is better.

Meanwhile, your angry ex may be posting pictures of their new love and proclaiming how happy they say they are. Let them do that while you keep it classy and keep the divorce private.

Mental Health Professionals Are a Great Resource when You Have an Angry Ex During a Divorce

Good mental health is important. When a divorce and child custody case is pending, you may be experiencing stress and anxiety. Talk to a mental health professional who can help you feel better about yourself. They may be able to talk about how to deal with an angry ex.

Children also benefit from talking to a mental health professional who can help them understand their feelings and how they fit in with everything going on around them. The underlying feeling of safety and security are important to children. Especially if you have an angry ex who is acting out during a divorce, your kids may really benefit from talking to a safe neutral professional.

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Richard T. Sutherland is a Divorce Lawyer Experienced with Angry Exes in Divorce and Child Custody Cases in Texas

Years of experience with all kinds of people and personalities is valuable. In his divorce law practice, attorney Richard T. Sutherland is able to stay steps ahead of your angry ex during a divorce. Knowing what another may be doing makes it easier to anticipate their next moves. Because every divorce is unique, the strategy can be adjusted to accomplish your goals.

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Divorce, Modifications and Enforcement Cases in 2019

Why People File Divorce, Modifications and Enforcement Cases after the New Year

Families look forward to the holidays and couples in challenging marriages and co-parenting situations hope for the best. While being optimistic that the holidays will bring out the best in people, too often they are reminded why they are having conflict in their marriage or with the other parent of their children.

Because Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are so important to children, many parents who know their marriage is on rocky ground, chose to put conflict aside. Many people who were thinking about a divorce, child custody modification or case for the enforcement of court orders are ready to move forward after the holidays and when the kids are back in school.

Divorce Modifications and Enforcements
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Family Violence and Protective Orders

Family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and spousal abuse are serious matters. People who don’t leave dangerous marriages and relationships put themselves and their children at increased risk.

The first move when getting out of harm can be a protective order. Your divorce lawyer can help you obtain a protective order on an emergency basis when warranted. If the other party, the respondent, violates the terms of the protective order, they can be arrested and jailed. Protective orders are serious business and should only be used when necessary to protect family members from the threat of or continued harm.

What to Look for When Searching for a Divorce and Family Lawyer

When divorce is inevitable, and the marriage is broken, it is important to be well-prepared. It is important to hire a divorce lawyer focused on divorce and family law issues, an experienced trial attorney with the experience and strategy to produce results.

Whether the matter is a new divorce, modification or enforcement suit, an experienced family law attorney will create a unique strategy in the best interests of the family and children involved. Richard T. Sutherland is a seasoned Wichita Falls divorce lawyer with a career of leadership among divorce and family lawyers in Texas.

Our website offers a growing library of blog articles and podcasts. Listen to attorney Richard T. Sutherland and learn the elements of a variety of divorce, custody and family law topics in Texas.

First Steps When Filing for Divorce in Wichita Falls

There are resources online including the content on this website to help people learn about divorce and what to expect. When someone knows they are ready to start the process and file, they must be ready to move forward. Hiring a divorce lawyer they can trust is important.

Divorce attorneys like Richard T. Sutherland appreciate that divorces can be difficult and emotional. They are accustomed to seeing good people going through rough situations.

It is important to be organized and give your divorce lawyer the information they need to create the best negotiation and litigation strategy to help you and your family.

Being Prepared for Custody Modification Cases

Custody modifications are original suits filed to change the terms and conditions of a court’s temporary or final orders regarding conservatorship and possession or access to a child. When modifications are filed within one year of the last order regarding conservatorship or possession or access, there are several factors that can be alleged to demonstrate that it is in the best interests of a child to make a modification to the custody orders.

In cases including family violence and child abuse, the court may presume a material and substantial change in circumstances required to modify the rights and duties of persons or parents having conservatorship and possession or access to the child. For example, an order naming both parents as joint conservators can change to one parent being the sole conservator. The terms and conditions of possession and access can also be restructured.  

Exclusive rights to determine the residence of the child may also be modified based on grounds and factors for modifications including the above, as well as economic situations, such as a new job requiring a parent to relocate.

Enforcing Possession or Child Support Orders

As children grow older their needs change. As parents pursue new relationships, dynamics change. Sometimes what worked well for years becomes a conflict. When possession schedules become a problem and conflict increases it can become necessary to file an enforcement suit, seeking the court’s intervention in high conflict situations. The court can find people in contempt. They court can also order additional periods of possession or access to make up for an interference with possession or access.

Failure to pay child support also leads to enforcement cases. When a child support obligor changes jobs, loses a job or has a change in employment generally, child support payments can be interrupted. Issues with child support payments and arrearages can be resolved out of court, or a new enforcement case can be filed with the court and served on the non-compliant child support obligor.

Richard T. Sutherland is a Wichita Falls Divorce and Family Lawyer for Divorce, Modifications and Enforcement Cases

In the new year and after the dust has settled, or at any time of year, things can change for people and their families and a divorce, modification or enforcement case is necessary. Richard T. Sutherland is a well-experienced divorce and family lawyer in Wichita Falls, Texas and he has a career’s worth of experience negotiating and litigating cases requiring everything from out of court agreements to significant trials before a judge or jury. He is licensed to practice law in Texas, not Oklahoma.

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Richard T. Sutherland represents people and families in Wichita County, Archer County, Baylor County, Clay County, Foard County, Hardeman County, Jack County, Montague County, Wise County, Young County and Wilbarger Counties in North Texas and has accepted cases in other areas West, North-Central and in South Texas.

Steps to protect your privacy during divorce

Steps to protect your privacy during divorce

Not announcing a divorce is the first step to take to protect your privacy during divorce. When some people tell others that they are getting a divorce, the response is to offer help, which is positive and helpful. In conversations about the divorce the children often become the focus of the conversation. Not everyone wants to have that conversation.

An incentive for protecting your privacy is preventing an Internet search history. Social media can be detrimental when you do not have ultimate control of the information you share about your life. A post about your divorce today, in theory could be searched online by people in the future. Make sure to change your passwords and update your security settings.

Not opening the door to information exposure

What is tied to what you make at issue? First consider that when issues are litigated in court the evidence presented, with possible exceptions, becomes public record to which anyone can gain access. For example, if small business ownership issues are litigated, sensitive business information can become public record.

Settling issues out of court prevents a record and present-day compromises may be in the best interests of anyone with business owner interests. Keeping certain issues out of court can also prevent people you know from being deposed or called to testify in your case.

Protect your privacy during divorce
Protect your privacy during divorce

Best steps at safeguarding personal information

Mediating or agreeing to settle issues you prefer to keep out of court helps protect your privacy during divorce. During the discovery phase of the divorce when information is exchanged among the parties and their lawyers, certain issues in the case can be settled by agreement instead of being litigated in open court, helping you keep financial and asset ownership information private.

In addition to privacy concerns about financial matters, many people go to lengths to prevent others from knowing they are in a divorce. Keeping your divorce a private matter until it is concluded can be a preference. Consider how people can react to information, hearing you are in a divorce, versus you recently were divorced.

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Richard T. Sutherland represents people and families in Wichita County, Archer County, Baylor County, Clay County, Foard County, Hardeman County, Jack County, Montague County, Wise County, Young County and Wilbarger Counties in North Texas and has accepted cases in other areas West, North-Central and in South Texas.